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As we begin the New Year I find it interesting to look back on trends that started in 2015. I try to predict which trends will continue to gain popularity in 2016 and which will begin to fade. Here are a few trends I believe are coming or going in 2016.

3 trends that continue to gain in popularity in 2016:

Transitional styling. Kitchens are no longer just traditional or contemporary. There is a growing category between that is continuing to increase in popularity. The great thing about transitional style cabinetry is the flexibility of design. You can alter other details in the kitchen to lean towards traditional or contemporary depending on your tastes. If this door is paired with a tumbled marble backsplash tile the kitchen will take on a more traditional appearance. Use this door with a simple pattern quartz counter top and a subway tile backsplash will create a more modern look.

Gray. Almost all cabinet manufacturers have added a gray finish to their mix.Waypoint Stone

Gray cabinets can be used for a variety of style themes and also work great as an accent color. Gray just isn’t for cabinetry either. There is a variety of products that are available in gray including tile, counter tops, flooring, backsplashes and more.

Wall Cabinets to the Ceiling. This trend has been popular for a while and is still increasing in popularity. Manufacturers continue to increase their cabinet size offerings, allowing for even greater design flexibility. You used to have 2 choices, standard cabinets or taller cabinets to the ceiling. Now there are many heights of wall cabinets from which to choose. This allows almost unlimited combinations of mouldings, stacked cabinets, and varied height cabinets as shown here.

4 trends losing popularity in 2016

White cabinets. While painted finishes are still very popular, it is off white, gray, or glazed finishes that are leading the way. An all-white kitchen seems to be less popular than a few years ago.

Tile Floors. I have nothing against using tile for the floor in your kitchen. However, with newer products available in more and more colors and patterns; we are installing less tile flooring than in years past. Tile continues to be the choice of materials for backsplashes in the kitchen and shower surrounds in the bathroom.

Oak. It is probably safe to say the over half of the kitchens ever installed on this planet have been made of oak wood. However, I almost feel as though oak has “worn out its welcome” with homeowners, who are now selecting maple, cherry, and hickory as popular wood choices.

Any lighting that isn’t LED. That pretty much sums up lighting today. Incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and xenon bulbs all enjoyed market domination at one point or another. Today, LED is energy efficient, long lasting, brighter, and cooler than any other light. And sales are proving it.

Here are two thoughts to keep in mind regarding trends. Whether or not something is “in” right now does not necessarily mean you should include or exclude it from your renovation. Personal taste and styling are very important considerations in selecting products for your renovation. And second, there is no substitute for a well-planned, professionally designed kitchen. I always look forward to hearing your questions and comments about your next renovation. Click here or give us a call to schedule a time to discuss your wants and needs.

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