Since “kitchen” is our middle name sometimes people are surprised to find us working in other rooms as well. Here are 7 rooms, in addition to kitchens and baths, where you might see the Direct Kitchen Distributors team working.

Home Office. Semi-custom and custom cabinets offer a huge variety of bookshelves, desks, file cabinets and work stations.
Laundry Room. Conventional wisdom added a wall cabinet over the washer and dryer and called it a custom laundry room. I have seen laundry rooms that have more cabinets and counter tops than some kitchens. Broom closets, linen storage, shelf space, and laundry basket openings are just a few of the features we can include. Laundry room appliances have changed considerably as well.
Bar Areas. We can design a great place to relax and unwind, or spend time with friends.
Living Rooms. There are several things we can do here like bookshelves, entertainment centers, and fire place surrounds.
Bedrooms. The furniture in your bedroom does not have to come from a furniture store. We can create matching headboards, night stands, clothes storage drawer cabinets, and much more. All are fully customizable.
Closets. Turn chaos into an organized space. We can design storage systems for standard closets, walk-ins, and complete dressing rooms.
Garage. Yep, out of the house and into the garage.
A Bonus. We do outdoor kitchens too. I admit it is not really a room, but there are a variety of products available to enhance your outdoor entertaining areas. This is more than a grill in the back yard. Click here to view outdoor kitchen gallery. Outdoor cabinets, counter tops, appliances, sinks, and serving areas; all work together to create the perfect place to entertain your guests.

These rooms are not an afterthought for us. We offer the same services for all these areas of your home including preliminary consultation, job site inspection, product selection advice, and professional installation; just like we do for your kitchen and bath renovations. Call us today or click here to schedule a time discuss how we can assist you with any of these projects. For more ideas, click here for our “other rooms” gallery.