Can we have the renovation completed by the holidays? That is a question I hear quite often this time of year. Right now, the answer is yes… but, there are some renovations that cannot be completed in a short time frame. And in the very near future, it will be impossible to have any work completed prior to the new year.

So, rather than rush, my suggestion to most homeowners at this point is to use your holiday gatherings this year to research how we can make your new kitchen perfect… for next years entertaining. If your current kitchen gets in the way of a great party, lets fix that. Here are a few questions that will help ensure we create the perfect kitchen for your holiday get-togethers.

1. How many people are visiting?

2. Would you like guests to assist with meal prep in the kitchen?

3. Will your guests be eating in the kitchen area, or traveling to other rooms?

4. Do you entertain more often than holidays?

5. Will the guests be staying overnight?

6. Is there a need for space for any unique activities? Wine tasting, Guest supplied food service, etc?

7. Are the cooking appliances adequate?

8. Is you family growing?

9. Is the space accessible to all quests? Wheelchair, visual impaired, etc?

10. Would you entertain more with an awesome new kitchen?

This mostly applies to a new kitchen, however, sometimes other rooms in the home are important for entertaining. The fifth question above becomes very important if you are considering a bathroom renovation. What might be a great idea for your personal retreat in the master bath, may not be the best solution for a bathroom that is shared by guests.

We can work with you to remodel other rooms for entertaining as well. We do home entertainment centers, bar areas, TV cabinets, and closet systems.

Would you like a great place for out of town guests to stay? Transform your spare bedroom with a Murphy Bed. Murphy Beds are a great way to have an extra bed when you need it, and a great place for you (library, exercise room, home office, TV room, etc) when you don’t. Our beds look great as stand alone furniture or as part of a complete custom designed room. Check out Murphy Beds by Showplace Wood Products.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your ideas. Give us a call at 610-262-7235 to schedule a meeting at our showroom at 5585 MacArthur Road Whitehall, PA 18052. Have a quick question? Text us at 610-601-3083.