Landry rooms are often treated as the poor stepchild of the home. It’s a place that sees lots of traffic and activity. Shouldn’t it be as nice as every other room of your home? We think so. Many times the laundry room is close to another room you are renovating, like the kitchen or bath. By renovating both rooms at the same time, you can achieve cost savings on specialized trades like electrical, plumbing, painting by doing all that type of work in one trip.

If you are considering a laundry room make over, here are some of the details you should discus with your designer. Designer? Yes, more on that later.

Are you going to update the laundry room as it is, or are you going to move the laundry room or expand it into adjacent rooms?

Determine how you want the laundry room to function. Think about how you can maximize work and storage space.

What are your laundry habits? How often do you wash and dry clothes? Where do you fold clothes? That will dictate the amount of counter space you may want or need. Do you need a rod for hanging clothes? Do you iron?

Correct appliance selection is important. Washers and dryers are available in side by side, front loading, top loading, or stacked. Each configuration will provide different options for optimizing the space.

What special features would you lie to include to enhance the space and make it special? Several common features we often recommend are:
• Granite or quartz counter tops
• Deep utility sink for soaking hand washed items or easing smaller pets.
• TV and/or stereo system
• Pet washing station
• Rolling laundry carts
• Fold down ironing board
• Storage cabinets for cleaning supplies, pet food, etc.
• Drying racks or clothing rods


Even though kitchen is our middle name, we give every room in your home the attention it deserves. Just like in the kitchen, we can help take a drab space and turn it into a showplace. Isn’t it time you stopped treating your laundry room as a poor stepchild? Give us a call to obtain additional ideas on how we can give your laundry room a makeover. Or click here to schedule a meeting on line.