Myth: If I retain certain items from my current kitchen, the new stuff will look great, and I will save money too.

Truth: Sometimes people try to retain certain items from their current kitchen. I see this for a variety of reasons from an attempt to save money, to structural challenges, to sentimental reasons. Often, an old piece of furniture just looks bad in a newly remodeled room. Also, a new counter top on old cabinets may actually lower the value of the home by making the existing cabinets, floor, etc. look even more outdated next to the new surface. A homeowner should work closely with a designer to make sure the desired results can be achieved.

Structural challenges always need to be worked out in any renovation. Even if you are tearing everything out and starting over, you still need to make sure the building is sound, and all codes are met. When you try to maintain certain parts of the room, that is even more challenging. Finding the right professional is crucial to making sure you are satisfied with the end result. Cutting corners, avoiding codes and inspections, and “quick fixes” are rarely the path to a satisfied homeowner.

Maintaining a piece of furniture because it is a family heirloom is perfectly fine. My only suggestion is to make sure you don’t make a poor design decision just to be able to include it. If you are changing the theme of your kitchen, maybe there is some other place to put the piece of furniture. Perhaps there is room in the dining room, living room, family room, or basement for the antique.

In summary, it may be OK to retain some items from your current kitchen. The trick is to make sure those items enhance the look or value, not detract from it.