Myth: Working with a professional kitchen designer (CKD, AKBD, CMKBD) is too difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

Truth: In reality, the exact opposite is true. A designer at a kitchen showroom that possesses one of the above certifications is much better prepared to handle all aspects of the design of your kitchen. In addition to create a great looking and functional design, there are additional benefits to working with a certified designer. (more info on NKBA certifications) Knowing what to ask is as important as knowing the answers. With so many options available, it is important that the person designing your kitchen knows what you want. Someone not specifically trained in kitchen design may be able to fill the space with cabinets, but only a designer knows how to create the perfect room for you and your family. And something I hear all the time,” I cannot afford an expensive design”. Working with a designer is the best way to save money. There are ways to being conservative with the design, without cutting corners. A certified designer knows how to get you the best design while working within your budget.