I was reading some articles on line last evening concerning kitchen remodeling. I came across an article that was written by a homeowner who was less than totally happy with the recent renovation of her kitchen. The article got me thinking, so I did a more specific search for “problems with kitchen remodeling”. In about a half a second or so Google returned approximately 4 million results. So I started reading, one article, then another, and another, and so on. After a few articles, this post started taking shape in my mind. By the eighth page of results I was beginning to understand why homeowners hesitate to remodel their kitchen.

A quick look at our website will reveal the phrase “we make kitchens fun”. With so many articles about problems with kitchen remodeling, it is obvious that not everyone shares that experience. So I took some time to carefully read each article. I also searched for articles on how to avoid problems when remodeling your kitchen. There are almost as many articles on that topic. However, if a homeowner follows the advice in many of those articles, I fear they won’t be any happier.

Most of the self-help, DIY (Do It Yourself) articles I read completely missed the mark, and will add more headaches to the remodeling process. Without exception, the articles try to educate you on how to do a remodel by talking about how much space to leave between items, if things should be left or right handed, and the famous work triangle. There is no way such advice can possibly prepare the homeowner for all the nuances of a complete kitchen or bath remodel. So don’t try to design the room yourself. Instead choose a professional with years of experience. A good article on remodeling a kitchen or bath should give advice on how to choose a kitchen and bath design remodeling professional. The kitchen and bath specialist can guide you through the process smoothly to insure excellent results and yes… make it fun.

Until I write my book on how to purchase a kitchen or bath, click here for some helpful hints on how to make your renovation more fun, by selecting the right kitchen and bath professional.

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