I always try to post articles here to help homeowners thinking of remodeling their kitchen or bath. This post will be slightly different, but I think a great point is made. The following excerpt is from a post on riverpoolsandspas.com website. When I thought about it, I found many similarities in shopping for a kitchen, and shopping for a swimming pool. More on that to follow…

A man and a woman who met on line are having their first phone conversation. Here’s how it goes:

Lady: “Hi, I’m getting married this summer. There are five other potential spouses coming out this week and I need to set time for you to come out so you can tell me why I should marry you.”

Gentleman: “Wow, okay. I thought maybe we could just grab dinner. What’s your preference, Thai, Italian…

Lady: “Oh no, no time for that. I have to get this done. I just need you to come out because I’ll be choosing a spouse by next week. This wedding has to happen this summer!”

Gentleman: “Being this is such a big decision, don’t you think you should maybe learn a little about me before I come out? I can at least…

Lady: “Look, I really just want to set as many of these appointments as possible. I have Wednesday and Thursday open right now. Which is best for you?”

Does this seem absolutely insane to you? Maybe because it is! But this is exactly how many pool shoppers approach their inground pool project.

So What’s The Problem? The problem is that whether you want it or not, you will have a significant relationship with your pool builder, and it’s not all that different from a marriage. You will live with this pool till death or relocation does you part, right?

The Pool Shopper who is only interested in getting quotes, without investing the time to become educated, is setting them self up for a one night stand.

Tons Of Companies Are Up For A One-Night Stand. Don’t get me wrong. There’s no shortage of companies who are happy to show up, scribble down a number, slap the pool in, then disappear into the abyss….just like in the dating world. But is that what you really want?

So let me say that I do not have a lot of expertise in the pool business. However, I can see many ways having a pool installed is similar to having your kitchen or bathroom remodeled, particularly based on some of the points in the above blog. The kitchen and bath industry (and I assume the pool industry too) is about much more than “X” product for “Y” price. There are many intangible factors to consider when selecting someone to do the renovation.
1. How much experience does the designer have? You need to work with someone that can turn your dreams into reality.
2. What is the reputation of the company? The business should be well known in the community. See our testimonials here.
3. Can the remodeler handle the entire project for you? Just like digging a hole does not make a swimming pool, just having a nice sink doesn’t make a complete kitchen.
4. Will you be happy working with the kitchen specialist? We make kitchens fun!! Meet the team.
5. Are your questions being answered? From your first visit to our showroom, until you are enjoying your new room, we are always available to answer questions for you.
6. Will the remodeling company stand behind their work? We opened our doors in 1982 and still proudly serving the Lehigh Valley area today.