At the change of the season, I like to employ my “clothes hanger system” of closet organization. What that is, is a system of getting rid of old clothes that I no longer wear to make room for new items. However, I usually end up in a “discussion” with myself as to whether or not I will ever wear a particular item again. So I came up with the clothes hanger system to help. At the beginning of a season (I just did this with cold weather clothing) I will turn all the hangers around, so the hook of the hanger faces outward. As I wear clothing, do laundry, and return clean clothes to their hangers; I replace the hangers with the hook facing inward. At the end of the season any article of clothing with the hanger still facing outwards was not worn the entire season. If I do not wear something for the entire season, I can assume it doesn’t need to be taking up space in my closet. Feel free to use this system in your closets.
Now, how does this relate to your kitchen or bath renovation? Just like closets, kitchens can get overloaded as time goes by. If there is something in your kitchen that you have not used in a while, maybe I do not need to include space for it in your new kitchen. The space it is now occupying may be much better used for something else.
But let’s take this theory to the next level; designing your kitchen. What does your existing kitchen not do, which you would like your new kitchen to? Now is a perfect time to pay attention to how you use your kitchen. When guests arrive for the holidays, do you have enough room for guests to sit, or do we need to design a larger serving/entertaining area. Is there sufficient room to set out the food buffet style, or is that something we need to improve upon. Would you like your guests to come into the kitchen to help prepare the food, or should we design the room to “keep people out” of the kitchen? How about energy efficient appliances, full extension drawer slides, or interior options for convenience?
So that is kitchens, how about bathrooms? The same theory applies. What does the current room lack, and how can we improve that in the new room. Do overnight guests use this bathroom, and you need more space for their belongings? Or perhaps the powder room has a basic (also known as ugly and outdated) vanity that does not match any décor in your home. These are important points to consider when renovating, so take a moment to “turn the hangers around” in your kitchen or bath before your guests arrive.
I look forward to the opportunity to discuss your ideas for your next renovation. Call or click here to schedule a time to discuss how we can help. Together we can make you next gathering a truly exceptional event.