In the past 100 years, the kitchen has morphed from merely serving as a functional space to the epicenter of the home. This transformation is brilliantly described and illustrated in a great new book recently published by Gestalten and Michelle Gailndo titled, Kitchen Kulture. The book gives you permission to dream, and we can help turn your dreams into realities.Scan_Pic0022IMG_1684

The Galindos explain whether Nordic, or futuristic, the kitchen is the new living room – a place to cook, eat and celebrate. As the new living room, the kitchen serves as the space for social gathering, collaborative cooking, event hosting and communal dining. Undergoing immense transformation through time and continually adapting to current social and aesthetic trends, the room that used to be a service area relegated to the back of the house is now the multi-functional hub of the home.

Opening up your imagination and working with talented professionals, your new kitchen can be an inspiring visual feast that shines a light on all that the twenty-first century kitchen can be. By listening carefully to the needs, wants and desires of our clients and working with prescribed budgets, we can help you create a kitchen that serves as a shining example of environmentally-friendly innovations as well as a lively space that inspires an improved lifestyle. Whether you prefer an open-plan design or have space that may only accommodate a galley, recognize that anything is possible.

Today’s kitchens play host to the best parties, can serve as a proving ground for a culinary start up or the perfect setting to host your neighborhood supper club. As Kitchen Kulture points out, “What was once a pragmatically designed place for food preparation has now become a stage on which the act of cooking and eating is celebrated as a social event. At the same time, the kitchen is being opened up to become a living space and pivotal meeting point in the home.”

Your new kitchen, whether you want a small-scale multifunctional footprint or an expansive living and cooking environment, can be as individual and charismatic as the personalities that use them. Our approach accounts for high-tech innovations by well-known manufacturers, surprises and delights that bring smiles to your face every time you walk into your new kitchen, and out-of-the-box design concepts that blur lines between the kitchen and living spaces.

Similar to most well thought out and executed plans, creating a new kitchen requires paying microscopic attention to the details. A detailed approach is not only functional, but also works to meld practicality with aesthetics.

New kitchens come alive when used. We want to help improve your lifestyle and better enjoy every day. Give us a call or stop by our showroom to find new and creative inspirations to the exciting yet challenging task of improving, extending or rebuilding your kitchen.