The recent third annual Smart Kitchen Summit provided a window into what the kitchen of the future may look like. And it’s not necessarily limited to connectivity. Certainly, most everything from waste disposers to toasters not only will connect, they also will think, negotiate and act. The innovations taking place in kitchen products and the food industry will change the way kitchens are designed and function for many years to come.

A lesson from the Summit is that technology for technology’s sake is not the recipe for success. Technologically advanced products will succeed, because they solve problems. One example that stood out at the Summit was an indoor food cultivation platform from Verdical that enables homeowners to grow food in their home using hydroponic columns in the kitchen that are accompanied by horticultural LED lights combined with various sensors.

Appliances are moving from being connected to being intelligent. A new oven automatically updates as food is cooking. A frying pan will turn off when its contents have been cooked through. The oven knows what the ingredients are being used and will enable even the most amateur cook to prepare meals like a chef.

New waste disposers will have the ability to track what’s being thrown away, providing data to reduce homeowners’ environmental footprints. Refrigerators will monitor contents and automatically order groceries that will be delivered to your front door as needed. Your washing machine will order detergent, and your coffee mug will be able to reheat its contents when they start to cool.

Almost everything in the kitchen will be connected and intelligent, but that does not mean that most homeowners will use all the technology that is available to them. We know that many of our clients who come to us to remodel their kitchen like to cook and take great comfort in discovering new things through food. Cooking with friends and family is one of the great joys in life. While technology can enhance our ability to prepare meals and save time and resources through advancements, nothing will take the place of the kitchen as the most important room in the home.

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