The initial elation of moving into a new home often wanes over time. The way we live, entertain and relax undergoes a metamorphosis. We have children. Our careers change. Our children leave the nest. New hobbies become passions. Aging is a fact of life and change is a constant, but your home might not be able to keep up.

We can redecorate, add a coat of paint, buy new furniture and give our cabinets a face lift with new hardware and accessories. Cosmetic repairs help create a new feel within the home, but they may not meet new lifestyle needs. You most likely need to knock down a few walls to create a fresh space. When you take the plunge, you can incorporate new technology and add fabulously inventive products that will bring smiles to the faces of your family and friends every time they cross your threshold.

But disrupting the status quo and undertaking a construction project with many unknowns is scary, messy and, at times, painful. No remodeling project goes as planned. I know you have heard too many horror stories from friends who have renovated. They may make the case that it’s not worth the hassle.

Most everyone wants the benefits of a well thought out and executed remodel but many are afraid. The fear of the unknown is powerful and surprises along the way are rarely pleasant. But what happens if you do not take the risk? You are stuck in a place that is just not right and doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Why not put together your dream team and tackle this opportunity now and stop making excuses?

Everyday our experienced design consultants work with talented trade professionals. Our showroom offers the finest cabinets, floor and wall coverings, counter tops, appliances and cutting-edge lighting products available in the marketplace. But that’s not what makes our showroom a valued resource for your project. The difference maker is our knowledgeable designers that make DKD the partner you need for your significant project.

We understand that remodeling is a daunting task. We also know the benefits far outweigh the risks. If you are not the one to look back and say I should of done something, please call DKD to set a time to discuss your dream home with one of our designers. After all, it’s your home we are talking about.