Recently I have done a fair amount of traveling; to buying group conferences, manufacturer plant tours, education seminars, etc. My most recent trip to the showroom and headquarters of The Galley was one of the best trips I have taken. For those who have been in our showroom recently and seen The Galley Workstation on display, you know how a workstation will change how you work in the kitchen. Here are a few of the highlights.

The most obvious difference between a sink and a workstation is the size. Our display is an IWS5, which is approximately 5 feet long. The first thing I usually hear when showroom The Galley is “its too big, won’t fit in my kitchen”. The truth is, the smaller the kitchen, the MORE important it is to include a large workstation in the design. With a workstation all the work in done within the workstation, rather than on the counter top next to the sink. If you have only 5 feet of counter top space in your kitchen, it would be great to use a 5 foot long workstation.

A workstation includes you most commonly used kitchen utensils within the workstation. That provides three benefits. First, there is no mess created on the counter top while working. All the work is done in The Galley. Second, there is no hunting for your tools of the trade. The Galley includes cutting boards, mixing bowls, drying rack, and colander with every Galley. There are a host of additional accessories like, knife racks, serving trays, specialty bowls, etc. And, all can be stored within The Galley for easy use. Lastly, clean up is a snap, and can even be done during food prep. Click here for a video showing how much time can be saved working in a Galley kitchen.

In addition to the workstation itself, The Galley has recently introduced The Galley Tap. While any faucet will work on The Galley, The Galley Tap was specifically designed for The Galley Workstation. The quality of The Galley Tap (its made of 316L stainless steel) is just one great feature. Every detail of The Galley Tap was designed to complement the workstation. Everything from the spout height, spout reach, handle design, pull out length, spray activator, and the cutting edge styling has been designed specifically to enhance the experience of preparing a meal at The Galley.

Keep in mind, The Galley is more than a large (and honestly, expensive) sink. With a workstation, we design the entire kitchen differently than when the sink is considered an afterthought. The Galley changes the old way of thinking; put a 36” cabinet for the sink, and worry about it later. The Galley comes in a variety of sizes from 2 feet through 7 feet long, with custom sizes and multiple bowls available. I would welcome the opportunity to share more details I learned on my trip to The Galley in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Give us a call at (610) 262-7235 to schedule a time to talk about The Galley Workstation or visit our Contact Us page.