One way to improve the look of any kitchen is with proper lighting. The most common lighting in the kitchen is under cabinet. In addition, lighting can be added to bookshelf or glass door display cabinets. Accent lighting can be added over the cabinets or in the toe kick area. Spot lights can be used to accent artwork and a variety of decorative fixtures can be used over islands and snack bars. While recently considered the light of tomorrow, LED is now often the best type of light to use. Here are three reasons LED lights should be in your kitchen or bath.

First, the long life of LED fixtures. Many LED fixtures are rated for 50,000 hours or more. In many applications that could give you 10 to 20 years or more of trouble free service. Additionally LED lights are easier to handle and don’t require special disposal methods like other types of light.

Second, the power consumption of LED lights is a fraction of other types of lighting. While somewhat more expensive to purchase, the cost of LED lights can be offset in as little as a few years, since the power consumption is so low. You will save even more if you consider how often (or rarely) you will need to replace the lights.

Lastly, there are a variety of fixtures that can be used in the applications I mentioned earlier. Due to the small size of the light (bulb) in Led fixtures, lights can be installed in places not possible with other types of lighting. When lighting an open shelf of glass door cabinet, you don’t want to see unsightly fixtures “peeking out” from under the shelf or behind the face frame of the cabinet. Small tape-like LED fixtures can be mounted almost anywhere lighting is needed. We even have fixtures that use so little energy, electric is not needed for the light. Two “AA” batteries can power a light fixture for many months or even years. That is a great way to light a dark cabinet or closet. Safety lighting can be wired to a touch switch or motion activated switch for added convenience.

The design of the kitchen or bath does not stop with the cabinets. To design a new room without consideration for great lighting would be like getting dressed in a tuxedo, then putting on sneakers. In other words, don’t do that.