One of the biggest decisions to make when selecting products for your new kitchen is what countertop to use. Things to consider include style (color, pattern, edge, etc.), durability, ease of maintenance, warranty, cost, strength, coordination with other materials, and more. While it can be argued that there is no perfect material for a counter top surface, quartz counter tops today exceed other surfaces on most of these categories. Here are the three top reasons quartz is becoming increasingly popular.

The first thing noticed is the appearance of the countertop. If something doesn’t look nice even when it is new, it doesn’t matter how well it lasts. Appealing appearance is the biggest improvement made to quartz since it was introduced approximately 15 years ago. Today, there are hundreds of colors available in a variety of patterns. Whether you are looking for a solid color or small pattern to mimic the look of man-made materials or a varied, bold swirl to look natural, quartz has a color for you. You can put a variety of edges on quartz as well, from plain to decorative. Coordinating it with the right tile backsplash can make the area “between the cabinets” truly stunning.

Day to day cleaning is as easy as possible with quartz. The surfaces are non-porous requiring very little effort to maintain. Quartz tops never need routine polishing to keep their new appearance. Scratches plague other surfaces, but quartz is harder than most other counter top materials. Obviously it is wise to avoid carelessness when working on a counter top, but quartz will be more forgiving than other surfaces. Also heat resistant qualities make quartz ideal for counter areas around ranges, ovens, and cooktops.

Lastly, quartz is well suited for a variety of design applications. Large islands, bar areas, and hutches are some of the places to take advantage of the large sheet size and strength of quartz. I like to think outside the box when designing with quartz. Wall caps, window sills, fireplace surrounds, and shelving are a few of the places I use quartz.

Typically quartz prices out similar to other higher quality surfaces. Other surfaces may save the homeowner some money up front, but considering that quartz will look great for many years to come, more and more homeowners are opting to use quartz for their countertop material.