My experience in the kitchen and bath industry spans three decades. During that time I have been involved in a variety of industry organizations in addition to my experience at DKD. Over the years I have had opportunities to meet with hundreds of kitchen and bath dealers. One thing I have learned is business models can vary greatly from one designer to another. Few topics are more diverse than how designers charge a design fee for their services. While it may be possible to find someone who will design your kitchen without a design fee, here are three reasons you will want to work with someone who does.

1. Certification and Experience
There is a great deal of truth to the adage “you get what you pay for”. There are so many facets that go into a great kitchen; you want to make sure you are working with a designer who can create the perfect space. Experience is hard to beat in this business. In addition, certified designers continually attend classes and webinars to improve their skills. Making a commitment to work with a designer, with a design agreement and fee is one important way to ensure you will get the design you really want.

2. Get a better, professional design
When you are investing money in what is most likely your largest single investment (your home), you want to work with someone who handles all aspects of the renovation in the most professional way possible. I have heard a recurring theme over and over. “I am waiting for a proposal from _______”. “My designer has not gotten back to me with the revision yet”. I believe these phrases are heard far too often in this industry. If a designer cannot get a quote to a potential client in a reasonable time frame, how are they ever going to do the project on schedule? Based on what is discussed during a first consultation, we can give a date (and most likely set a follow up appointment) when we will have a proposal prepared. A formal design service lays the foundation for a professional relationship between the homeowner and kitchen specialist.

3. You do not want to pay for someone else’s design.
Lastly, and this is a complicated idea to convey, there is no such thing as a free design. Time is money and the time spent designing kitchens and baths for someone who does not become a client must be paid for by someone else. The only person who can pay for those designs is the person who actually does become a client. In other words, when you buy a kitchen or bath from a dealer who does designs for “free” you are paying for time spent on all the designs he has done for those who did not become customers. Also since you are not actually a client, and may never become one, the designer does a quick, cookie cutter design so as not to waste too much valuable time without a commitment from you. Don’t be afraid of a design fee, in many cases, the design fee is subtracted from the purchase price of what you buy. That is how it is done at DKD. Our clients love the kitchens we design for them. Click here to read more.

Our professional design service is explained completely during our complementary meeting. Give us a call or click here to schedule. We are excited to learn more about your renovation.