kitchen remodeling

Everyone knows that the kitchen is a central meeting place in the home, but do you have to be limited by size? Absolutely not. Our showroom has designed numerous smaller spaces and showed our customers how they can make the most of the space that they have. Here are several suggestions you can use to make a smaller space appear larger and delight in a newly renovated kitchen.

Select lighter colors especially on countertops, backsplashes, walls and millwork. Lighter colors will make a smaller kitchen feel more open. If the kitchen has windows that look out into a garden or outdoor space, try to incorporate colors from the scenery into the palate you select for the floor, wall and countertops.

We often specify mirrored tile backsplashes in kitchens with little or no natural light. Mirrored surfaces help to open spaces and bounce light around. Mirrors often provide a more interesting and open visual than staring at a plain wall.

Open shelves are not only an exceptionally functional and utilitarian storage option; they also help to keep space light and airy. They work particularly well in kitchens with taller (10 foot or higher) ceilings.

Don’t forget about the floor. Too often floors are an afterthought. That’s not the case at our showroom. We understand that floors offer another opportunity for you to make a unique design statement. A patterned floor gives the impression of a great expanse. Your options are almost limitless, ranging from wood floor patterns to hand-painted tiles. We can show you how to wow your family and friends with great flooring design ideas.

Light right! There is no such thing as an over lit kitchen. LED technology is changing the lighting game in ceiling, under cabinet, recessed, pendants and just about any other fixture you can imagine. Lighting is not where you want to cut back.

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