It’s easy to become enamored with the latest bells and whistles or romanced by what you watch on home improvement television. Great kitchens offer the perfect combination of style and function with function being determined by the needs of you and your family. That’s why we start the design process by asking our clients the following questions: What will take place in your kitchen? Who will use the kitchen most often and for what purposes?

Overall kitchen design, appliances and features are determined by your style, taste, preferences and how you plan to use your kitchen. A recent survey by the National Kitchen & Bath Association of 800 homeowners who recently remodeled their kitchens found that there are three major types of cooks.

Nearly half of all homeowners, according to the NKBA, are pressed for time and want to prepare meals as quickly as possible. For those who are time pressed, consider appliances that reducing cooking times without compromising taste such as an induction cooktop and convection oven.

The in-home chef is the second major type of cook identified by the NKBA survey. Those who love to cook for family and friends will be attracted to space to experiment with new recipes. The in-home chef truly appreciates a well organized kitchen, with storage solutions that provide a place for everything. The in-home chef also wants professional-grade ranges, ovens and dishwashers and appreciates sink workstations featuring cutting boards, colanders, racks and other accessories that help save space and provide an efficient place for meal preparation.

The high tech cook is attracted to smart appliances that can interact with a digital personal assistant, maintain grocery lists and develop recipes based on the contents of the refrigerator. High tech kitchens feature motion sensors to activate water flow from faucets and turn on lighting or charge your smart devices on a countertop or in a cabinet. These cutting-edge features not only add a sense of wow to a new kitchen, they also help to make life easier.

The NKBA study found that the many different functions that a kitchen serves for your family influences design, features and product and material selection. If you would like to discuss the options best suited for your lifestyle and kitchen uses, please call us (610) 262-7235.