The Smart Kitchen Summit is a conference that explores the future of cooking and food. There are a number of educational sessions addressing topics ranging from meal delivery services to connective appliances. The Summit features new technologies that will soon find their way to tomorrow’s kitchens. Here’s a sampling of several of the products and applications in development that will help you to eat healthier, cook more efficiently and effectively and reduce your environmental footprint.

Suggestic is a new application that merges artificial intelligence, augmented reality and personalized nutrition to improve diets. The app creates weekly menu plans, offers restaurant suggestions and gives fitness advice based on health goals inputted by users. The company is developing its augmented realty feature that will enable users to read restaurant menus to determine which offerings fit into their customized diet plan.

Mimesis’ Smartcook is a connected all-in-one kitchen appliance to streamline home cooking. The appliance’s smart surface acts as a visual interface with interactive recipes, video cooking lessons and online grocery ordering. It also functions as a stove, cutting board and kitchen scale.

MyFavorEats uses artificial intelligence to create modular, easily customizable online recipes. The program translates online recipes into a machine-readable format that allows home cooks to easily swap ingredients and personalize meals to meet dietary goals, preferences and kitchen appliances.

Klove Chef employs voice technology that guides users through recipe preparation and that syncs with smart home devices to monitor cooking temperature, cooking times and order groceries.

Garbi is a smart trash can that recognizes items disposed of items and reorders them for you from a local e-commerce retailer. Under development is a recycling function that will help identify which items that go in the trash can should be recycled, composted or disposed of.

Mojoe is a portable coffee brewer/travel mug that brews coffee on the go. Place ground coffee or tea leaves into the brewer, add any temperature water and brew. Mojoe can be powered by a wall socket, car charger or rechargeable battery and fits into a standard cup holder.

Mockmill 100 is a tabletop stone mill that can be used in the home to produce bakery-quality flours. Mockmill also can mill spices, pulses and other dry foods.

Dizzconcept is a pop-up kitchen for small spaces. The portable kitchen is 17.22 square feet and functions as a cabinet with an integrated television when closed. When opened, however, it becomes a fully operational micro kitchen with a sink, refrigerator and stove.

The Internet of Things will continue to bring new technologies to the kitchen that enhance opportunities to eat healthier, make meal preparation easier and to make life more enjoyable. If you would like to discuss how a new kitchen and technological advancements for the most important room in your home can improve your quality of life, please give us a call at (610-262-7235) or visit our showroom by appointment at 5585 MacArthur Road Whitehall, PA 18052.