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People often visit our showroom to obtain ideas and they have no intention of retaining our design services or purchasing products from us. That’s fine, but we tend to feel sorry for those folks who believe that they can redo their own kitchen and achieve a professional result. The fact is that most do-it-yourselfers spend more money and achieve less functional results.

Lack of countertop space is one of the reasons many of our clients want to renovate their kitchens. Countertops play two critical roles. First, they are functional. In order to specify the right amount of counter space to fit our clients’ needs, we ask a lot of questions. We want to know how our clients use their counters and for what purposes such as preparing meals, baking, doing homework, working, dining and so on. The amount of countertop space will be determined by existing and anticipated future needs plus the physical size of the space and budget.

We also delve into how traffic flows in the kitchen to help us specify the type of counters and where they will be located to help assure that the space will be comfortable and efficient. We also want to know how many people are likely to use the kitchen at the same time. This also is factored into our design ideas and specifications.

Function is only one of the roles that countertops play. Form is another. Some countertop materials such as stone, wood, metal and concrete may require regular maintenance and special handling. We explain maintenance requirements to help clients select the best materials and to help them protect and preserve their investment. We know that many of our clients’ countertops will be home to small appliances such as toasters, blenders, mixers, coffee makers and food processors. We consider the location of both visible and stored appliances and strategically place electrical outlets where they are most needed. This helps prevent appliance creep from eating valuable workspace on countertops. Do-it-yourselfers often shortchange their storage requirements. We find that if appliances, gadgets and tools are not conveniently located, they don’t get used.

We wish all do-it-yourselfers the best of luck. When you just think about what you need to consider with counter tops, factoring in the placement of appliances, backsplash materials, lighting, floor and wall coverings, seating, windows, walls, electrical, plumbing and more, the task is daunting. That’s why we love what we do so much – we make the process easier and more fulfilling by making dreams realities without breaking the bank. We look forward to discussing your dream with you. Please call us at (610) 262-7235 to make an appointment.