What do I do with my existing kitchen when I remodel? It is a question I hear all the time. Most people think there existing cabinets will end up in the dumpster. There are several options, and this is always a discussion I have with a potential client. Most people are pleasantly surprised to hear they have options. The dumpster is always an option, but it is really a last resort. There are very few situations where a better solution isn’t available.

In many cases, the homeowner can reuse the cabinets in their home. Garages, basements, workshops are popular places cabinets and counter tops can be placed. Sometimes the cabinets can be shuffled around to fit in a different space. Sometimes the homeowner will do the work, other times we include the “re-installation” of the kitchen as part of our contract.

Another option is giving your existing kitchen to a friend, relative, or neighbor. In other words, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you ask around, it is very often simple to find a home for your existing kitchen. Either of these options is considered “green” as it keeps used building materials out of dumpsters.

Now let’s look at a few ways that your existing kitchen can actually help offset the cost of the renovation. There are charity organizations that want your kitchen. Many offer free pick up and haul-away services. Let me clarify this next statement by saying that I am in NO WAY a tax specialist, however, sometimes the donation of your kitchen can have tax advantages. This is something you will want to check with your tax preparer for more information. If your kitchen is in reasonably decent condition, you may be able to sell your kitchen. You can sell whatever portion of the kitchen you will not be reusing. If you are using the existing refrigerator in the new kitchen, simply state “refrigerator not included” in the ads you run and the potential buyers to whom you speak. The amount you can sell your kitchen for will vary greatly, but $500 – $1,000 is a reasonable expectation. One caution, always try to sell your kitchen before it is removed from your home. Once it is removed the price you will be able to sell if for will be considerably lower.

Many people do not want to take the time or deal with the hassle of trying to sell their kitchen. Several years ago we came up with a solution, and are employing this plan on an ever increasing number of our renovations. We will buy your kitchen from you as a trade. When I begin to explore this option with potential clients, many give me a very strange look. I assume that people do not feel there is any value in their existing kitchen, so they do not think anyone would buy it from them. Just like the homeowner (like I explained in the preceding paragraph) we also have several avenues to take with a traded kitchen. That is how I am able to offer a discount to the homeowner when they trade their existing kitchen back to me. Give us a call or click here to schedule a time to discuss the value of your current kitchen.

When I meet with a potential client our discussion is always about more than woods, colors, and door styles. I look forward to discussing the best way to make good use of your existing kitchen.