When clients in Whitehall come to our showroom, we spend a majority of the planning time finding answers to questions that only experienced designers know to ask. One of those planning considerations is where to locate the sink or sinks in a new kitchen. The number of sinks is contingent on the size of the kitchen and intended uses. Homeowners that entertain frequently relish the opportunity to have more than one sink (and in many cases more than one dishwasher) in their dream kitchen.

Many homeowners opt to place the main sink below a window that gives them site lines to outdoors and mother nature and a second smaller prep sink in an island whose countertop space is used most often for meal preparation. Placing a sink in an island also enables homeowners to face guests while entertaining or watch children while preparing meals. Both options are a favorite of our clients.

The main sink used for cleanup and a dishwasher should be placed next to one another. That makes it easy to load and unload the dishwasher. We like to put the recycling and garbage bins in a pullout cabinet on the other side of the sink, making it easy to clean up.

And of course, no one does sink, better than The Galley. Galley Workstations are the most unique thing to happen to kitchen sinks since indoor plumbing. Click the link to learn more about The Galley.

What are the best locations for the sinks in your new kitchen? Call our showroom at (610) 262-7235, text at (610) 601-3083, or visit us at 5585 MacArthur Road Whitehall, PA 18052 to find the perfect sinks and their locations for your new dream kitchen.