Contemporary, modern styling continues to grow in popularity in the Lehigh Valley. Is a modern motif right for your new bath? It is if you love clean lines, geometric shapes, basic, neutral colors, minimal decorations, natural materials and uncluttered space.

A clean-lined, uncluttered bathroom has become increasingly viable thanks to technological advances in shower drains. Channel drains enable homeowners  to create an open floor plan bath. Imagine having a shower area without a shower enclosure or curb that you have to step over to enter the space. Not only does this technology enable designers to make the most use of the bath’s space, it also enables clients in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton to age in place easily and gracefully. An open floor plan bath is a great option, especially when space is at a premium. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The components that we typically specify for a contemporary space include:
Wall-mounted, flat panel vanities and water closets
Unadorned, clean lined faucets and shower systems
Free standing geometric shaped tubs
Minimal cabinet hardware
Clean-lined bath accessories that include towel bars, robe hooks and toilet tissue holders
Undermount, rounded or square shaped sinks
Geometric shaped stone, tile or quartz for countertops and floor and wallcoverings

White typically is the dominate color for a contemporary bath. White does not have to result in a sterile or stark look. We often contrast a dominate white palate with black elements. One of the hottest finishes trending right now is black matte for faucets, showerheads and accessories. Neutral color palates are also popular in contemporary baths. Think of gray, beige, mushroom and taupe. Another option for contemporary vanities is to specify light wood tones.

Clients in Eastern Pennsylvania that gravitate toward a modern look often add contrast to their contemporary baths through pops of bright accent colors in their towels (canary yellow or fire engine red), small accents in floor and wall coverings or with seating.

Frameless mirrors with integrated lighting are a standard-bearer for today’s modern bathroom. The shape of the mirror is critical to achieving a clean, minimalist look. Contemporary bath mirrors are often round, rectangular, triangular or other geometric shapes.

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