The most important aspect of your complete remodeling project is the person with whom you work. There is nothing more crucial to a successful completion than the company you choose. It is natural to concentrate on the products you need because they are the things you can see. However, the same or similar products are available many places and can be chosen when the time comes. The person or company that will guide you through the entire project should be the first and foremost item you consider. They are the number one reason your remodel will be an enjoyable adventure or something less.

Ask your friends. If any of them has had a major remodeling project completed recently, ask them about their experience. If they are happy with the work they had done… strongly consider using the same company. This is the best way you can insure that the company you choose will do a good job. If you don’t know any friends you can ask, check out local companies on your own.

A kitchen dealer specializes in complete kitchen and bath remodels and can handle a project of any size. This kind of company will take care of the entire project for you so you do not need to about the day to day running of the remodel. A kitchen dealer will have a showroom and not just be working out of a truck or even his home. This is the first prerequisite you should require. Next, the length of time the dealer has been in business at the same location is important. Make sure the kitchen/bath dealer belongs to industry organizations such as the NKBA as well as local groups like the Chamber of Commerce in the area. They also need to have a PA home improvement contractors certificate and be lead safe certified. Ask them for names and addresses of past clients so you can contact them and ask about their experience.

Price is an important consideration of course, but asking several prospective remodelers for prices will be a frustrating experience. Without knowing anything about you, your needs, your wants or your lifestyle, the prices you hear will vary drastically. It works far better if you decide on an amount you want to invest in the project and then ask each remodeler you are considering, what that amount will give you. If price is a deciding factor for you, do not choose the highest or the lowest price. One somewhere in the middle is probably more accurate. If someone has a much lower price than most others they will not be able to do a satisfactory job for that amount. Think value…not price. The value of a beautiful, well designed, expertly installed and efficient space will reward you for your diligence in choosing the best remodeler, for many years to come.