Myth: I must include all the current design trends in my kitchen.

Truth: While current trends are often important, there are many other things to consider when selecting products for your new kitchen. First, we want to design your kitchen for you; maybe you like a look that is different from the latest trend. Also, everyone will use their kitchen differently. For example, you may see a picture in a magazine or on line that is manufactured from a softer wood. While it looks great in a photograph, it may not be the best choice for a home with children or pets. Also, if your family loves to cook, you will need a kitchen that will stand up to a great deal of use. Lastly, design trends vary greatly by location. A kitchen that looks great in one area may look out of place in another. We are located in eastern Pennsylvania, which is a rather traditional area. Many magazines show ultra-modern designs. Unless your home is one of the few modern houses around here, you may wish to stay more traditional with your design.

Modern Kitchen

More Traditional Kitchen

Also, regarding the design, it is not necessary to try to cram every possible option into your kitchen. Conveniences are nice, but not to the point of reducing usable space in the kitchen. Here is an area where working with a certified designer will make sure you get the options you should have without wasting space or money on those options you don’t need.

One last thing to consider regarding trends, is the resale value, should you choose to sell your home in the future. It may be better to select a style that “stands the test of time” rather than choose the latest fad. The life of most fads is short, and it may cause a problem five or ten years down the road if you try to sell your home.